the bird

Ok so I hear that our Prez gave the press the finger. No, not the thumbs up, but the middle one. I bet Jon Stewart will have a field day with that one, just like when the Prez and his wife found themselves watching elephant porn. Just what I would expect from someone who couldn't get into law school, who had to use the legacy clause to get into Yale because his grades were so bad.

I just love that we have a child-man running our country. As they say, only those who are meek, those like a child, will get into heaven. I'd like to find out if this is the case even when many people die because of their foolishness.

So back to today: we went to the grocery store and our refrig is stocked. It is a nice feeling. I needed a basic white shirt for my interview, found one for $15 at Meijers, and when I went to pay for it, it was on clearance for four bucks. Now that's what I call lucky. I hope this means it will serve as a lucky-shirt, getting me a job.

I wish all is well for any friend or family member who stops by. Jeff is at the pool with the older boy. I am about to clean up the house, it is like a tornado hit here. That tornado's name being Jakob.

Take care my sweets. Peace.


poor student

This weekend it is supposed to be nice. There is a lot I need to do around the house. Our lease is up next month, and if I don’t get a permanent job by then, we’re heading out. To where? Who knows.

I am in a crisis right now. I want desperately to go to Grad school, but I don’t know if I can handle two more years of living like a starving artist. It gets old, ok. I’m not one for top ramen, although cheap wine isn’t always too bad.

The job market is one that is ruled by the employers right now, thanks to the Prez. Used to be I could pick and choose where I wanted to work, guaranteed I would get an offer somewhere. But I have, no kidding, sent out like thirty resumes. I am finally interviewing somewhere on Monday. Wish me luck.

I am stuck in deciding what to do with school. I know my long-term goal is to work at the college level. Some say, go for the MFA. But I am a total geek for literary theory, so I ask myself: do I want to teach only writing courses for the rest of my life? Some friends are working on their writing, traveling, getting grants – being paid for their efforts. Teaching a few undergrad courses here and there. I think, that would be the life. But I am tied down in some regards, being married with children. I don’t have that freedom to be choosey. I also was raised in a military family, one that left me rootless. I think this is why I am so involved, as seen in my other blog, with the family history thing. As if knowing the history will replace the fact that I do not have a place to go when I visit “home,” no place where my childhood dog is buried in the backyard. My friends are scattered everywhere, my family. I don’t know if I want to raise my kids that way.

But, on the other hand, I have seen a lot of places not many can say they have seen. I developed a crush on Texas when floating down a river as if in Europe. Left my heart in an Arizona cactus. Ate at a Taco Bell on the Navajo Indian Reservation. Played with a gecko in Guam until its face turned blue. Left in awe of the Badlands, the stone faces of history. Have gambled in Tahoe, spent New Years Day skiing near their bluest lake. Spent a weekend pulling up non-indigenous plants in a breath-taking National Park, then went square dancing in an old barn. Walked amongst corn hotter than fresh tar in a Carolina field. Stood next to Abe Lincoln, climbed the Statue of Liberty. I have a zest for travel now, do I give that to my children?

So what do I do? Friends: take note. I am asking for your advice.

attention artists/writers in MI.OH.IL

On a lighter note: right now I am working as a projected MC for a poetry reading at Destination 1111 (AKA “Art Is…”). If you are a visitor to this blog, and live in the greater GR area (or within a reasonable traveling distance), come check us out in October. I am also interviewing readers. It is highly publicized, and Schuler’s Books is one of our sponsors. There is a link on my blog called “Art Is…” and this will take you to their site, including a short bio of my husband (who is a gifted painter) and mine. I hope to see many artists and writers there, and of course, patron of the Arts. After all, some of us wouldn’t mind making money for our hard work.


Hi friends. I have decided to have two separate blogs, one for creative writing, and the other for random thoughts. Who knows what will show up here, it could be as varied as political debate, diary entries, recipes I love. Get your cup of Joe and relax.