hello all.

Well, I'll avoid politics tonight. I am just burned out on the state of our union. Luckily, I will be able to possibly help the situation in New Orleans, in some indirect way, through my new job. Since I will be approving and processing claims, maybe I'll be able to help someone with the ability to rebuild their lost home. I am stuck up in Michigan, married with two children living on a humble wage, with no room in my hot apartment to house a victim. All of the things I wish I could do that I just can't do. It's times like these where I wish I was rich so I could help out. But my heart is rich with the compassion for those who are without home, without family. I can at least give them that, or a small donation of blood and money.

I read that several babies were born during this catastrophe, as the women were leaving the city. It is weird how God - or whoever holds the strings - allows so much death to juxtapose with so much new life. This is a poem in itself.

All friends who come by, I know you have the heart and humanity to feel for these folks. I hope together that we can make small differences as our lives continue in moments of peace.

Because these people do not know peace.


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