very tired tonight

Hello everyone. I am extremely tired tonight. We went up north this weekend to visit family. My oldest is getting ready to go to bed, he is addicted right now to Finding Nemo. So he's watching it right now. My youngest is asleep, as he is the one who adheres to a strict schedule.

It has been a sad year, you know. So many sad things that have happened. We can think about this already because there are only three months left in 2005. Hunter S. Thompson, Robert Creeley, Joe Ranft, Hurricane Katrina, the punk boy who lived a block away and was found hanging in his bathroom by a former college classmate.

The whole neighborhood has been quiet. Perhaps it is just that summer is ending. Perhaps it is because we do not know what to say to each other anymore. Each of us passes one another - a small wave happens, a few words may come out of our mouths. Dried leaves fall to the ground. We can not do anything else.

The country is falling apart and I am not buying the crying eagle shit.

Next weekend I am getting drunk on cheap wine as I read words to a foreign crowd. A crowd of people who I do not know. They perhaps will listen, perhaps they will not. They may walk out of the room and go to find some benign painting hanging on the wall whose words may not be so strong and sharp. It is Destination 1111 weekend, and I am reading poetry with others who are disillusioned with what is supposed to be home. Others will read the writings of Thompson and Creeley and weep new tears, know that they were right and we - yes those of us who are still amongst the living - have always been wrong.


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