America, the Imperialist

This is an amazing conclusion to an article taken from Democraticunderground.com. It really ties into what I've been talking about with "hating white people" and my rant under "Hotel Rwanda." He gives more specific examples, so check out his article posted at the end...

"How else to explain the hundreds of U.S. military installations around the world? How else to explain subversive groups like the NED [National Endowment for Democracy], which deliberately interfere in other countries' affairs with the goal of creating regimes friendly to U.S. business interests? What other explanation is there for orchestrating coups in oil-rich countries like Iran (successful) and Venezuela (unsuccessful)? What other explanation can there be for installing and/or supporting tyrannical regimes in Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Chile (to name but a few)? What other reason is there for the invasion and occupation of a nation that never did the U.S. any harm and had absolutely no proven ability to do so?

Why? Whether anyone really wants to admit it, the U.S. has committed and continues to commit such irrefutably undemocratic acts to establish and protect its hegemony. Its empire. How appropriate, then, that Bush celebrated his Iraqi venture before a crowd of like-minded champions of "free market democracies." How appropriate, considering that both the speaker and his audience advocate spreading "democracy," but only through such undemocratic means as war, coups, and illicit influence."



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