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Well, hello. My computer was acting weird. I couldn't get on the internet. I think we paid our bill late, so it's finally working now that I made a payment. Ah, the power of money!

I am out of training at work and I have my own desk. I got lucky for a little while - they gave me a window cubicle. Very nice view of the trees and we saw turkeys walking across the fields today. Reminded me of how good turkey and cranberry sauce is on Thanksgiving, which is right around the corner.

My oldest son is talking in his sleep! How adorable. I couldn't understand him though. His 3rd birthday is coming up next month. Unbelievable. Next year: preschool.

I am working a weird schedule right now, so I don't get home until 8:30pm. I might be too tired to post on here during the weekdays, so I'll at least try to come on every weekend.

Nothing too exciting to post about with regards to politics. I'm always interested in a good argument, but I need a break from time to time and want to talk about something else. But here I go...

Something interesting a co-worker said to me (the same one who said "I hate white people" as I cited in an earlier post), I bet you are more liberal than me.

I found this interesting, because I admit I am a complete paradox: I am, really, not as liberal as I may come off as being. There are just certain things that I don't get so excited about that some liberals do get excited about. So I break it down something like this:

1. I am definitely pro-choice. I think most people who are pro-life tend to be single males who really have no f*cking say about what a woman should do with her body. In fact, last stats I saw it was single men who made up the majority of pro-lifers. What also is frightening about this is they are the same people who think it's ok to send a bunch of nineteen year olds into a foreign country for unjustified reasons to die, and kill other people. So how sacred is life really to them?

This is not to say I would go and just terminate a pregnancy. I have two children, have grown two beautiful babies in my body, have felt them kick, have pushed them out, have fed them with my body. I value life and I know what it's like to bring a life into this world. But I also know people who have been told their unborn babies will not live a week after being born due to genetical disorders, and these people chose to end the pregnancy. Does this make them bad people? Are they any worse than the ignorant morons who wear a pro-life t-shirt but support an unjust war?

2. I am also pro-human rights/equal rights - and I'm referring to people who cry and bleed in front of my eyes. This extends to everyone, no matter his or her skin color, religion, and especially sexual orientation. I mean, come on. What is the whoop if someone lives with a man when he is a man? What bearing does it have on your life?

This doesn't change the fact that men will marry women, and visa versa. It does not change the fact that heterosexuality will still continue and men will mate with women. It does not change the fact that people can still believe in God or Jesus or Buddha or whoever. It just means that leave judgement up to God. Let people have the same federal benefits that a woman married to a man has, no matter if it's some girl living with a girl. Big f*cking deal. You don't have to live with them! Go on with your life. And let them go on with theirs, with the same civil liberties you are entitled to in this supposed great country.

3. I am pro-guns. Yes, this is odd. I think if responsible people have guns and have permits to do so, then big whoop as well. I have more respect for hunters who bring home their own natural meat than someone who runs a plant that brutally kills thousands of cows while destroying the environment.

What's worse: some nice guy hunting deer during a designated time of the year, or some fast-food joint destroying the rainforests to raise more cows to feed fat Americans every single day? Give 'em their guns, I say. Fill up that 'frig with turkeys, deer, and ducks from the wild who will most likely die from car accidents anyway.

4. Yes, I'm from whimpy California. But, hey, I love a good steak like the next man. Give me a great 6 oz. tenderloin and you'd think I was a rabid dog who hadn't eaten in a week. Throw in some veggies with lots of butter. Make it medium rare, folks. Hemp bread is alright and all, but I'll give it to the birds before I raise myself and my kids on that stuff.

Just give it to me natural! I don't want Tyson foods filling up our refrigerators. I do have a sensibility that allows me to question how food is processed. Hence the reason I support #3 above, and the following...

5. I'm back and forth on the environment. I mean, it's important to recycle and all, and be concerned with landfills and all, but I'm not about to go blow up SUV's. There's a breaking point, folks. Use some common sense. How good for the environment is it to set cars on fire? But I do have admiration for people like Julia Hill who lived up in a tree for over a year. That's amazing. And it's not hurting anybody, either! I just don't see the point of setting things on fire.

I also eat at fast-food restaurants sometimes which I admit is terrible to do. They are some of the worst offenders of the environment. It's not exactly sweet and very value-mealish to rape the rainforests, kick out indigeneous folks, to raise cattle.

So just how liberal am I? How do you rate?


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