The Texas Mafia is Running the Country

Can it get any worse? Two ultra conservatives appointed and confirmed into the Supreme Court: Roberts and Miers.

You think that a sixty year old woman who has never married and never had children would not be so freaking conservative. But oh no, not with OUR luck.

You would think someone who MADE THE CHOICE (apparantly) to never marry and have children would be all about choices, but oh no, she is a freaking pro-lifer. And as Robert Kennedy, Jr. told a sold out crowd in G.R. that "Roberts represented a corporation who was ranked as one of the worst environmental offenders" (paraphrased), I am beginning to sulk all over again.

We are bankrupt, my kids will never see social security - if even I get to - we are hated by many countries, a war that was supposed to end several years ago is still revealing a high number of casualties, religion is trying to pry itself into our government with the pushing of faith-based initiatives, and I am about to puke. Seriously. Get me out of this country!

But wait. I love this country. I just think that the dumb Texans who have taken over think this is how it's going to be. Well, think again. I'll mess with Texas, just like a lot of other concerned citizens. Three years left and I just know a Democrat will take over office, and we will see peace and prosperity again.

I think I'll stay a little while longer to help out and watch.

p.s. At least DeLay was FINALLY convicted of money laundering. That bastard! A victory for humanity all around.


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